Beta 0.6.3

Hey everybody,

Here we are with another batch of improvements, and a couple of important bug fixes:


  • You can now right click (as well as double click) on sprint items to cancel/remove them.
  • Improvements to feature design flow:
    • You can now freely switch between different feature types during feature design, if you haven't placed any components.
    • You can now freely run a sprint if you have started to design a feature but haven't placed any components.
    • If you have placed some feature components, you now get a warning when trying to switch to another type of feature.
  • Events now display a countdown of the number of weeks they will be in effect.
  • Eliminated the possibility of two security attacks occurring within a very short time span of time.
  • Upgrade flags now become translucent so that bugs are visible underneath them.
  • In the feature details window, the list of upgrades is now always scrolled to the top when it's opened.
  • Feature upgrades in the sprint now have a different icon to differentiate them from features.


  • Fixed: Training staff doesn't change their actual output.
  • Fixed: Churn is calculated incorrectly after a pricing change (can lead to a crash).
  • Fixed: Quickly clicking the "question" button in investment tutorial right after starting causes an error.

Not long before Steam early access release now!


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Mar 18, 2018

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