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Startup Freak

Unleash your entrepreneurial prowess · By PulPul Games


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Version 1.0.0 is Out!
Startup Freak is finally in full release with a number of requested features, UX improvements, and bug fixes! It's been a fun and challenging journey and the ga...
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Beta 0.10.0
Hi Everyone, Beta 0.10.0 is now released and brings a few changes with it. You can find out the details in this post:
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Beta 0.8.1 - Hot Fix
Hey everybody, just letting you know that Beta 0.8.1 was just released here and on Steam, with a couple of important hot fixes. Here are the details: Fixed: Som...
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Beta 0.8.0 is Available for Purchase Now!
As promised, the game is once again available for purchase on, now that the Steam launch is complete. Version 0.8.0 brings a number of improvements. For...
Steam Early Access Launch!
As some of you already know, the Startup Freak launched into Steam Early Access . If you have already purchased the game on, you will now be able to cla...
Startup Freak Temporarily Unavailable on
Hi Everyone, After a lot of soul searching, I have decided to temporarily disable the "Buy" button on As you might be aware, the first day or two of a...
Beta 0.7.1 - Hotfix
Well that didn't take long! We were informed just several hours ago of a crashing bug that would show its head for any new players (people who had previously st...
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Beta 0.7.0
Hey hey hey! Version 0.7.0 is here! It's not a big change as far as game features go, but between all the improvements in the last version and the Steam release...
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