Beta 0.4.0

Beta 0.4.0 is here for your enjoyment! It's really starting to come together as we move towards Steam Early Access:

Investment Mini Game

Time to show your presentation skills!
  • Added office / ambient sound effects.
  • Added new art to the investment area and improved the presentation.
  • Added an initial email in the inbox.
  • Added junk emails (just a few for now; more to come later).
  • Market report we no longer report on a pair of upgrades that have previously been reported on.
  • Eliminated the chances of multiple consecutive security attacks.
  • Random events now only start after the product has been launched.
  • The game now sets target frame rate to be the same as current screen refresh rate. This avoids unnecessarily high CPU usage and overheating.
  • Increased impact of too few office amenities on happiness.
  • Reduced inflation, i.e. employees will complain less about salary.
  • Reduced difficulty by reducing optimal value of product rating in early-mid game.
  • Increased maximum capacity of auto-scaling servers.
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed: Clicking on an employee that has already quit causes an exception.
  • Fixed: After loading a save file, employees who have already quit but have not left the screen do not correctly get cleaned up.
  • Fixed: Sprint notification for upgrade items say "Level 1" even though there is only 1 level.
  • Fixed: Doing a real investment round after a practice round causes previous shareholders' shares not to be diluted correctly.
  • Fixed: The email content area doesn't not refresh correctly when switching between Junk and Inbox folders.
  • Fixed: Test coverage percentage is not restored correctly when loading a game.
  • Fixed: Game version number disappears when navigating around on the title screen.
  • Fixed: Office audio volume slider does not update the volume.

Happy Starting Up :)


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Dec 03, 2017

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Great Idea, but In this early of a stage I kind of feel like it shouldn't be as high of a price as 9.99 just yet.