Beta 0.5.0

Beta 0.5.0 contains a number of improvements. In specific the focus has been around UI and giving the player more information, where they need it.

Features and Improvements

  • Added a UI on the main screen that shows at a glance how many candidates are currently available for each skill. This stops the player having to click through to the candidate window after every sprint to check this information.
  • When placing the marketing research radar for the first time, some hint locations are highlighted on the product map.
  • The pricing information from market research reports are now displayed directly in the pricing UI.
  • The marketing activity comparisons from market research report are now displayed directly in the marketing UI.
  • The feature upgrade comparisons from market research report are now displayed directly when you click and hold the research items in the backlog.
  • Reduced frequency of ambient office sounds (phone rings, etc.)
  • Added one new junk email.

Bug Fixes

  • Feature details UI is now automatically closed when a sprint is run, and next time it's opened, its data are refreshed.
  • Marketing activity reports no longer repeat the same pairs of activities (until all pairs have been researched).

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Dec 17, 2017

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