State of Affairs #1

Hi everyone! I just wanted to give you a quick update on the state of the game...

Upcoming Changes

  • The primary focus over the last couple of weeks has been music. It has been a slow process and at this point it looks like we'll be going into Early Access with 3 tracks, and add a couple more before final release.
  • 10 Steam Achievements have been added to the game! Just a reminder for owners: you'll receive Steam keys once the game is released so you'll be able to unlock the achievements.
  • 2 new product types are being added (which you can select at the beginning of the game). Please keep in mind that product types don't change the game content, however they determine a number of variables in the game such as optimal pricing and marketing activities, best feature upgrades to build, and game difficulty.
  • Lots of bug fixes, smaller improvements and general polish is going in.

At this point the plan is to put up one new release on before going into Early Access.

Early Access Release Date Change

You may have noticed that the release date has moved from February to March. This isn't really because the game is not in a state that can be released, but rather a scheduling conflict. I'm currently working full time, and my plan is to take a month off and focus on the game release and do some promotional work leading up to it. February was just not going to be a good time. At this point the release is planned for early March. I'll have an exact date pretty soon!

I'm not gonna lie: I'm excited!

Game Play Videos

A few Youtubers have kindly been playing the game on their channels. If you are still unsure what actually happens Startup Freak, feel free to check them out here!

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